Teal and Terra’s essential oil for all hair types

 Why are essential oils good for your hair?

 Looking at pictures of your grandmother from her youthful days, have you caught yourself being awestruck by her lustrous, thick, shiny, long hair? This is because in those simpler times, natural hair oil was the best way to care for your hair. Organic hair oil is extracted directly from plants, which not only retains the aroma but is also highly concentrated with the nutrients of the plant. These essential oils for hair not only adds nutrients to the scalp, but also stimulates and nourishes it. Essential oils for hair growth is the best, natural means of rejuvenating hair growth. These essential oils for hair growth makes your hair soft, strong, shiny and controls dandruff. Organic oils are the best for hair fall because not only do they strengthen your hair from its roots, but also stimulates your scalp for hair growth. 100% organic oils will help boost hair growth, reduce dandruff and make your hair healthy from the scalp. Essential oils are good for your hair because they contain minimum chemicals, and nourishes your hair from its roots.

Choosing an oil which will be the solution to all your hair problems
Natural hair oils are the ideal solution for all your hair problems. Almost all the essential oils
will help in hair care, but some oils due to their composite nutrients are more beneficial for some
problems. It is best to buy an organic oil which has a mixture of a number of essential oils in
good quantities. A mixture of essential oil extracts will make the oil easy to apply, and contain
benefits of all it’s constituent organic oils. An oil with a good proportion of a variety of essential
oils will be ideal for all hair types. A list of the benefits of some essential oils for hair care
are provided below.
  1. Coconut oil:
    • Good for preventing hair fall
    • Controls dandruff
    • Makes your hair strong and thick
    • Hair quality becomes softer, silkier and visibly shiny
  2. Argan oil:
    • Reduces dryness of scalp
    • Reduces frizzy nature of hair
    • Moisturises your hair and makes it soft
  3. Jojoba oil:
    • Deeply hydrates hair
    • Moisturises hair follicles
    • Treats dandruff and scalp dryness
  4. Castor oil:
    • One of the best essential oils for hair growth
    • Controls hair fall
    • Reduces scalp infection
    • Controls dandruff
  5. Almond oil:
    • Helps control dandruff
    • Makes your hair shiny
    • Soothes and stimulates scalp for hair growth.



  1. With so many essential oils, and a variety of hair oils present in the market, it is natural to be
    confused with which hair oil is the best for hair care. Before choosing an oil, it is important to
    read the ingredients to make sure it is 100% organic. You should know what your hair problems
    are and should have an idea of which essential oil is best used for which problems. A
    proportionate mixture of a number of essential oils in good quantities is best for hair care.
  1. Comb and untangle your hair thoroughly. This makes it easier to apply the oil and makes
    sure the oil is evenly distributed in your hair.
  2. Use cotton to apply the oil. It is more efficient than using your fingertips and is better for
    massaging your scalp.
  3. Let the oil stay on your hair for either a couple of hours before shampooing or let the oil
    rest on your hair for the night.
  4. Lightly heat the oil before applying.


Teal and Terra’s 100% Organic Onion and Castor hair oil is the best choice for your hair

Teal and Terra’s organic hair oil is 100% natural, and does not contain Paraben, sulphate,
artificial colours and fragrances.

  • You can massage it onto your scalp and apply a few drops on your hair.
  • It is best to use the oil before going to bed, this gives it time to rest on your scalp.
  • It is available in a 100ML bottle.
  • Men, women and children from any age group can use it.
  • Other oils in the market have some amount of paraben, Sulfate, artificial colours or
    fragrance mixed with them to make it more appealing.
  • Teal and Terra’s Onion and Castor hair oil is 100% natural.
  • It does not contain any paraben, Sulfate, artificial colours or fragrance
  • Made from a number of beneficial essential oils, it is best for all types of hair.
  • Teal and Terra’s oil takes pride in being 100% natural and is suitable for all hair types.
Essential oils in Teal and Terra’s Onion and Castor hair oil are:


Argan Oil
  • Controls fizziness 
  • Deeply nourishes hair 
  • Hydrated and repairs scalp tissues 
  • Lustrous, shiny hair
Coconut Oil
  • Controls hair fall 
  • Moisturises scalp 
  • Shiny, thick and silky hair
Hibiscus Oil

● Nourishes scalp
● Stimulates hair growth

Red Onion Oil

● Cures scalp infections
● Controls dandruff
● Prevents premature greying
● Nourishes hair follicles

Rose Oil

● Controls scalp inflammation
● Fights scalp infection
● Controls hair loss
● Prevents hair aging
● Makes hair shiny

Sandalwood Oil
  • Stimulates hair growth 
  • Controls dandruff 
  • Controls scalp inflammation 
  • Prevents dry hair
Shea Butter Extract
  • Prevents hair loss 
  • Soothes dry and itchy scalp 
  • Controls breakage and split ends 
  • Stronger hair quality and texture

Oiling your hair has numerous benefits. It stimulates hair growth, prevents hair fall, protects your scalp against infections and dryness and gives your hair a good texture. Regular oiling with essential oils will make your hair naturally luscious, shiny and thick. Applying oil to your hair should become a part of your weekly hair care routine. You can buy one of the best essential oils for all hair types online at https://tealandterra.com/product/onion-and-castor-hair-oil/

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